Residing in Bodies of Flesh

Right now, my whole left shoulder aches; it radiates down my arm, up into my neck and back to my shoulder blade. It’s been this way all day. The continuous dull pain is distracting. In addition, my brain has been foggy with fatigue over the last couple of weeks, making it difficult to concentrate and my store of emotional tolerance depleted.

I would love to say that these physical ailments do not affect my outward disposition; that I remain patient, kind and generous of spirit, despite my physical maladies, but that is not true. My lack of mental focus and emotional energy is quickly evident at the slightest inconvenience or difficulty I encounter. What would simply be a glancing blow in life’s daily struggle under other circumstances, now knocks me to my knees in a daze. I stare at my computer screen trying to bring some coherence to my thoughts. Even the warm weather and sunshine do not bring their usual thrill.

This is life. Our life ‘in the Spirit,’ also is a life in a physical body. The two are not separate but united, one affects the other. Often times, I believe it is during these physically and emotionally difficult times that we learn the true condition of our own spirits and how great is our dependence on the Spirit of Christ.

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