Sabbath’s Expanse

Sabbath’s Expanse

Stop! Says the Lord, Stop I say.
Cease from your work, cease from your play.
No more laboring, no earning of pay
No household chores, no, not today.

No worry allowed in the mind of man,
No figuring it out, no making of plans.
No building your business with your own hands,
All these things… on One day He bans.

What shall we do then? the people they ask,
Now that you’ve relieved us of every small task.
Shall we put on a frown like a theatre mask?
Shall we sleep all day as in leisure we bask?

Oh, no! says the Lord, Don’t be so sedate.
Do what I did, when I ceased to create.
Throw a big party and stay up late,
Rejoice in my goodness. Let’s celebrate!

Plan for a crowd, cook in advance;
Hallow my Name in song and dance;
Frolic and feast, your life enhance;
Joyfully revel in Sabbath’s expanse.

{by Kathleen Krueger}

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