It’s early. The shades are drawn and a curtain of gentle rain encircles my solitude. I love it here.

It’s quiet. In the background of my thoughts just the distant hum of a highway and space heater circulating its warmth.

It’s cozy. The soft, white glow of paper lampshades add a sense of presence on either side. The curved-backs of two comfy chairs sit across from me, sharing the moment. Earthy brown tones and muted greens are close around me, a man-made arbor of indoor comfort.

I’m not alone. You are here. I am touched by Your presence. I’ve missed it so, these intimate times of just sitting with You, being held in your arms, enjoying the unheard whispers of Your Love.

The rain has stopped. The world is waking. Birds begin their morning chatter. My emotions sit just underneath the surface – thanksgiving for answered prayers, the joy of knowing Your Love, the bountiful blessings of family near, the peace of an uninterrupted interval of time.

I soak it in. There are no words to be spoken, yet there is a need to express. Soul surrenders to Spirit. The tongue moves, the voice speaks, the language unlearned; no need to comprehend. We commune.

My Jesus. God My Savior, Loving Spirit, Holy Father – the Three-In-One.

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