Sitting in His Presence


It’s early Sunday morning and the house is quiet. I’ve fixed myself a cup of coffee and have settled down on the couch. I’ve been keeping myself way too busy lately and haven’t taken time to just be still, to listen, to talk, to just let Him love on me, as He does. Yes, I capitalized those pronouns on purpose (though I’m one who doesn’t necessarily do so always, when referring to my God, but I’ll save that for another blog post). I am sitting with my Jesus this morning. My heart is moved and tears are close to the surface. Tears? Yes, those lovely tears. They are not tears of grief or even conviction, they are sweet tears. They are tears of thankfulness, tears of unexpressible joy, that well up from the fullness of my heart as His love sweeps over me.

When my youngest daughter got married, her groom stood facing her on the platform and tears were running down his cheeks as he looked down at her smiling face. They are those kinds of tears, tears that express a joy that cannot be said in words. They are the expression of love welling up inside of you that cannot be contained and must overflow, so it flows out in salty streams down our cheeks. Those were the tears I wrote about in my last post, the tears that I was missing. I need these tears. I need to feel His presence and His love wrapped around me. It is my strength, the foundation of who I am. It is the one thing I fear losing more than anything else. The thought of living without the touch of His presence, that thought, brings a whole different kind of tears.

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  1. Jonie

    Are you writing about yourself or me???? Thanks for this lovely post expressing so well that feeling of being enveloped in loved and not being able to respond but in tears. We are in good company – in the Bible we find so many people in tears – it seems to be a natural reaction when we meet with God! God bless you with many of these special tears.

  2. Teresa

    I, too, am easily overcome with the awesomeness of His presence. I cannot begin to imagine how He could love one such as me to the degree that He does. I am nothing like I once was, because He is unchanging. There is nothing that can compare to simply sitting with my Jesus, in awe of what He has done, what He is doing and what is yet to come!


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