Donald Miller Quote

One way to find our passion is to identify where we’ve been wounded and seek to heal and prevent those wounds from happening to others. – Donald Miller

Freefall – a poem by Kate Smedley

I am lacking in words to say or write today. Rather than pull something of my own from the archives, I’ve decided to share the work of a friend in stead. Perhaps her words are what you need to here today. … let go of the negative and forgive yourself. Freefall by Kate Smedley FreefallAdrift… Continue reading

From Walls to Curtains

Those walls of yours so thick, so highBuilt slowly through the years. They block you in and block me outProtecting you from all you fear. Who were the builders of those walls of yours,made of pain and loss? The stories some have been told to meIn times of simple sharing. You were given to me… Continue reading