Taste and See! A Sampler With More to Come.

Yes, I have some delicious little morsels for you. They are quotes from a new book that will be coming out next week. That’s right. It isn’t even on the bookshelves yet and I have it and am sharing it with you. It’s called Kingdom Journeys and was written by Seth Barnes, founder of The World Race mission organization. Instead of telling you what the book is about, I thought I’d just share some quotes to whet your appetite. If you’re look for a sweet dessert, you might not like this; it’s pretty meaty stuff.

“A kingdom journey removes the scales from our eyes and allows us to see God all around and even within.”

“If we never get out of our comfort zones, we can’t grow into the places God has prepared for us”

“Consider Jesus’ mindset. His purpose wasn’t modest. He wanted to save the whole world.”

‘A refusal to embrace grief is the emotional equivalent of folding your arms across your body and holding yourself more tightly. Your folded arms can’t fly.’

“Restlessness can be one of the most frustrating human emotions. It whispers: “I hate it here. Anywhere would be better than this.” It makes us want to take impetuous leaps into the unknown.”

“Restlessness is an itch that, if left unscratched, is a curse.”

“God uses failure to bring us to brokenness, to force us back to a posture of dependence.”

“It will cause you to put your status-quo self into foreclosure and put a down payment on your truest self.”

“We can’t be fully transformed in our own backyard. We need to journey.”

Are you hunger yet? For a bigger sampling and to learn more about the book, visit the launch site and you can have the first chapter sent to your email: http://kingdomjourneysbook.com/ 


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