Textbroker: Training Ground for Online Writing


One of the first online writing sites where I was actually able to begin earning money right away was Textbroker. I recommend it to most anyone who talks to me about how to get started in a freelance writing career online.

Textbroker does not pay high amounts of money (less than 2 cents a word for a 4-star writer), but it does pay for every single word you write and is accepted by your clients. When you select a project, you know exactly how much money you will be making for that assignment (minimum to maximum), the criteria required and the exact day and time of day that it is due. The range of topics to choose from is broad and available assignments in your skill range are always fluctuating with new items daily. In addition, most of the writing assignments are short and quick to write, often under 300 words.

You must apply to write for the site, which includes submitting a writing sample which they will use to evaluate your writing level. The site managers will then assign you a star rating from 1-5, based on that sample. The higher the star rating on assignments, the higher the pay rate per word. However, you will only have access to assignments which are rated at your same star rating or below.

The real value that comes with being accepted as a Textbroker writer is the on-the-job training you receive through the site. As you begin selecting and writing assignments on the site, each assignment is reviewed by the site editors and you receive feedback regarding any errors in grammar or punctuation on every article you write. There are also plenty of helpful writing tips on the Textbroker blog. With this ongoing feedback, your technical writing skills are bound to improve. As they improve, you can request a review of your star status and potential increase your earnings.

The other way you learn about online writing through Textbroker is by simply doing the work. Many of the assignments will have keyword or SEO requirements for the articles being written. Learning how to smoothly incorporate keywords into a writing piece is a valuable skill that is often required for writing online.

As you complete assignments and build a positive relationship with clients who utilize the site, your services can be requested directly by clients and you are free to charge a higher standard rate for those clients who specifically request your services.

If you’re considering or have just begun a writing career online, I highly recommend checking out the Textbroker site. There’s nothing better than being paid for your on-the-job training.

You can also follow them on Twitter @textbrokerUS. (If you’re from the UK, there’s a Textbroker site for you too. www.textbroker.co.uk)

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