The Genre of the Eclectic

Some writers write mysteries, others romance, others nonfiction. Some are poets and some are not. Some write books and others write short articles or technical papers. Many of us, however, write in many different genres or are still trying to find our favorite paths by experimenting with them all. Surprisingly, I am beginning to see the eclectic writer more willing to admit their diverse directions of pen and to embrace their versatility instead of trying to determine the one path of focus they should take.

Continually, from many different directions, we are encouraged to find our ‘focus’ or our ‘brand’, our identifying mark. Find your direction and follow it with singularity, we’re told. Blog in that direction, market in that direction and establish your full identity in that direction. It makes perfect sense, and perhaps one day I’ll get there, but I’m not sure if I will.

I’m so eclectic in all that I do. I don’t have a set style of dress, hairstyle or taste in music or art. My poetry goes in all different directions, from rhyming sonnets to free form that doesn’t conform to any type of pattern at all. I love writing blog posts for construction related businesses almost as much as I enjoy crafting a poem. I got halfway through ghostwriting a small ebook and just couldn’t motivate myself to continue, yet I’ve been writing unique web content on granite countertops for weeks and still enjoying the challenge. What a strange duck I am.

What do I write? What do Ienjoy writing? Um, depends on the day and hour and list of assignments and the direction of my muse. I guess that’s why I called my poetry blog “patchwork poetry“.  I love all patchwork quilts, but the old fashioned crazy quilt is my favorite. There is no pattern to it and the fabric is usually eclectic as well, usually made up of velvets, silks, satins and cotton. Some pieces might have patterns or stripes, while others are solid colors. That’s a little like me; I love my blue jeans, but I also enjoy the chance to dress up in more elegant fare.

How about you? Are there any other eclectic writers out there who love to write in multiple genres? Are you comfortable with that or are you still trying to find your niche?

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  1. Miz Meliz

    We ARE very much alike! I cannot define myself or fit into one niche. Not just for writing, everything. Eclectic is the best category for me. Like the patchwork quilt, I carry with me all the memories of what made me who I am. I treasure the bits and pieces, some soft and velvety, some odd-ball patterned, some plaid and scratchy. I like to say that I am multi-faceted.


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