The Perplexing Power of the Mind

I found this image posted on a friend’s blog this morning along with a wonderful piece of poetry. The picture is a bit strange in its composition, so it caught my eye. First I noticed that the white rats appeared to be floating (or falling) in the air, while the gray ones were milling on the floor at the man’s feet. As I looked closer, I realized that the man’s feet were not touching the floor. He appeared to be levitated a few inches above the floor and drawing the white rats into the air with him.

That’s when it happened – this sudden flash of deja vu. However, it wasn’t the thought that I’d viewed the image before, but that I had levitated myself off the floor before. The thought was – ‘He’s levitating. I can do that.’ As soon as I thought the words, the experiences related to how I levitated, what it felt like and how easy and enjoyable it was, flooded my mind.

I would simply close my eyes and relax, allowing my body to release itself into flotation. Once I was airborne, I was able to move about quite easily, floating to ceiling height and then laying myself lengthwise or in whatever position I chose. It was quite effortless; similar to swimming and floating in water, only with very little work; air is much easier to move through than water.

The sense that I had done this, and not just once, but on multiple occasions, was so strong and vivid that it took me back. I had to give serious consideration as to the origin of such seemingly realistic impressions in my mind. As I tried to recall the settings of such experiences, nothing concrete of time or place would materialize. In the end, I could only surmize that my levitation experiences were part of a recurring dream that had strongly implanted itself in my subconscious.

Our minds and feelings are amazing things. We are so dependent upon their interpretation of the world around us, and yet, they are so capable of deception. A high fever or the addition of certain chemicals and our brain will tell us that our eyes are seeing things which no one else can see and which cannot be physically discerned by touch. Dreams can wake us in a heartpounding fright, cause us to speak out loud or even get out of bed and wander around without ever truly waking up.

I’m really feeling quite disappointed at the moment. My ‘memories’ of the experience of levitation were so delightful; a secret little joy to experience on my own, whenever I should choose, now tarnished by the crush of gravity that seems determined to falsify what seemed so real.

What types of deja vu or vivid dreams have woven themselves into your subconscious?

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  1. Bluebird

    I had a reaccuring dream in my youth.
    I would go out into the yard, and get a small branch off the ground, straddle it, and say a certain word. I would then lift off, and fly all over, viewing our home and the surrounding area from a birds eye view. I then would awake and find, that I could not remember that word. I had the dream for years, probably at least 30 times, and never remembered it. I finally came to the conclusion, that it would really work, and that was the reason that the rest of the dream was so clear, but not the actual word.


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