To Reveal Beauty Through Your Art is to Reveal the Essence of God

Beauty exists because God exists. To reveal beauty is to reveal God. Therefore, if our art is beautiful, if we struggle to write good words instead of merely readable ones, then sometimes, just for an instant, God appears and God’s appearing is enough. In a world of grief, loneliness, addiction, pain and fear, no act of man could be more practical than that.   –Athol Dickson, author  

I read this quote at the end of today’s blog on Novel Journey. Such profound thoughts, aren’t they? To think that when we create beauty with our art, whether it be the art of words, sculpting, dancing, music, painting etc, that we are providing a glimpse of God, of who He is.

He IS love. He IS beauty. He IS holy. These are not adjectives that describe him. He is not loving and beautiful. He does not demonstrate holiness. He is the very embodiment of these elements. To define love is to define God. To define beauty or holiness is to define God. They are all part of His very essence.

When the grandeur of the mountains moves our spirit to a place of awe that makes it difficult to look away, we are experiencing a taste of what it is to look on the beauty of God. When beautifully written words take us to new places and new visions, we hear the beauty of God’s voice. When the musical arts and physical arts stir our soul, when we taste of ‘joy’, as C.S. Lewis called it, we have tasted of the essence of God.

What a privilege then has been given to us as artists to be those who give glimpse into the essence of the Divine, the Creator, the Master Artist himself.

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  1. Jonie

    God is the great Creator – as we are made in His image it’s not surprising that we long to create and express ourselves also. Thanks for these beautiful thoughts.


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