Top 10 Most Viewed Posts of 2012

LIVING the Freelance Writer’s Life
(fyi: I’ve brought my addiction under control)
LISTENING for the Voice of God
LOVING Myself and Others
Book Reviews
(This was my most viewed post of the 2012. Must be a popular book.)
 As I pulled up the statistics on my blog posts during 2012, these were the 10 with the most views. I found it interesting that my three categories (Living-Listening-Loving) each had three posts in the list, causing them to be evenly represented, and that the tenth on the list represents my book reviews. I guess that tells me that my viewers are equally interested in my core topics.
It’s always good to review the path you’ve traveled from time to time, in between new legs of your journey.
Looking forward to the new year ahead. Aren’t you?

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