What Would You Like Me to Write About?

I make commitments to blog consistently and with great consistency I fail to keep that commitment. Tuesdays are supposed to be my day to write a post related to my writing life, so I am writing a post. However, I have a dilemma. I can’t decide what to write about.

A few weeks ago, I spent a weekend putting my basic information regarding how I started my freelance writing career into a small ebook, The Fast Track to Freelance Success Online. (For $4.50 you can purchase a download of the pdf copy here.) I’ve sold 10 copies and given away two free copies. That’s pretty cool.

My main motivation in writing the ebook was actually to save myself time. The information in that ebook is what I usually share with someone who wants to know how I got started doing freelance writing and what steps they would need to take to pursue it for themselves. It seems that at least once a month I am spending a couple hours sharing that information with someone. Now, the next time someone asks, I’ll just send them the link to the book and say, “Come back to me with your questions, after you read the book.”

Perhaps you’re one of the dozen who have downloaded that short 30 page book or one of the many people I’ve shared the info with in the past. Or maybe you’ve just stumbled across this blog in a search for tips on freelance writing. Whatever the case, whether we have a long-standing connection, we’re just getting acquainted or you’re a totally new connection, I’m giving you the opportunity to choose my topic. 

For my next freelance writing blog post, what would you like me to write about?
Think about and if you have a topic or even just a question you’d like answered, post it in the comments and I promise to address it in an upcoming Tuesday blog post.
Since I am very much a people pleaser, knowing someone is expecting that Tuesday post will also help me keep that commitment to write one.
Don’t let me down!!  I need your help!  
Put it the comments…. NOW!! 
 (Don’t wait, because if you’re like me, you’ll forget.)

Would love to hear your comments