What’s Your Passion?

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 As a freelance writer, I have the privilege of learning about the passions of many different people. Sometimes they’re my clients; they have a message they want to get out and need someone to communicate it for them. They share their passion with me and I put it into words. It may be in blog articles, a sales letter or their website content, but I get to learn about and express their passion to the world.

Other times, the people are the subject of an article I’m writing for a magazine. I get to interview them and learn about their personal passion. It may be their business, their career or their charitable work, but inevitably, it is something they are passionate about. I’ve interviewed stylists, jewelers, sculptors, singers, police officers and real estate agents; all of them loved what they do and were thrilled to be able to share their passions with me.

Some knew and began pursuing their passion early in life; others discovered it unexpectedly in a job or situation that they entered for other reasons. Some have one consuming passion, while others have room in their lives for a variety of passions.

We all have those things in our lives that we LOVE to do or be involved in. We eagerly expend our energies in those directions. Even the most introverted will become talkative if you find their passion button.

So what is your passion or passions? Have you gotten to tell someone about them lately? Isn’t it exciting to be asked?

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  1. Cristina Love

    Hello there! I just pop into your wonderful blog. I havn’t had the chance to look around much (I’m mobile). But What if we don’t know what our passion is?! How do we find out what that it?! And how do we know That is?! I know it might sound crazy, but I for example like to write, but English is not my mother tongue and even my C1 level (fluent) seems to be miles away sometimes from C2 (native). I also love crafting, sewing and creating handmade jewels, but again, it seems hard to transform your passion into an every day activity fron which you could actually can make a luving from.
    And I’m lucky, my husband doesn’t have a clue about what his passion might be. Well, he like this and that, but it’s not quite sure about it. It’s even more insecure than I am. What do you do in this situation? How do you discover your true passion and the reason why you’re here on earth?! (I believe everyone has a purpuse)

    Thank you,


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