Where to Find Writing Jobs That Pay 50 Cents per Word

50 cents a word article writing jobs don’t come along everyday, but they are out there.

I just landed one.

500 word articles paying $250 per article.
Granted, these are not your average, everyday blog articles. They require quotes from 3 to 5 sources, at least one of which being an expert closely related to the article topic. I was able to get a shot at this opportunity because I put in my time writing enough lower paying regional magazine articles to establish myself as a professional. (My regional magazine articles generally paid between $75 and $150 each for 800 – 1500 words.)

So where and how did I find this gem?
Was I sending out queries?
Was it through LinkedIn?
Was it on JournalismJobs.com or MediaBistro?

I visited one of my longtime favorite sites, FreelanceWritingGigs.com and clicked on one of the listings. The link took me to….
Yep. That’s where I found a 50 cents a word ongoing writing gig. Am I worried about getting paid? Nope!

Landed a new marketing client this week too. They’re paying me $40 per blog and promising a minimum of eight blogs a month or more. Where did I land that one?

Upwork (formerly Elance/Odesk).

People keep telling me those two places, bidding sites and Craigslist are not good places to find writing jobs. I love how I keep proving them wrong (especially since that means I have less competition for the good stuff).

So… stick with it. Build your portfolio. Browse the ads and project listings everyday.

Keep throwing out your line. That’s the only way to catch fish. It doesn’t matter whether you’re fishing with a stick and a string or a fancy rod and reel. All the fish sees is the bait. Get good at baiting the hook.

6 Comments Where to Find Writing Jobs That Pay 50 Cents per Word

  1. Kate Smedley

    Thanks to you I was brave enough to take my own steps into the freelance writing arena. I’ve never looked back. Earlier this year I was approached by Newscred to write for their clients, which have been my highest paying ‘per word’ gigs yet.. Like you say, you just have to keep putting the bait out. Great article and as inspirational as ever.

  2. Nicole Stracek

    I don’t think I would have become a true freelance writer without your assistance! I have learned SO much from not only your advice but guidance as well. As I make my way through this unbelievable (and often overwhelming) journey I find strength in how amazing us writers are- there is no room for discouragement, only encouragement, love and respect! Thank you for always being amazing!

  3. Carissa Andrews

    Great advice, Kathy! I’m so privileged to have been introduced to you. You’ve been a source of information, freelance gigs, and inspiration (like with this blog!). You rock it, woman!

  4. Shannon

    Kathleen, you bring a wealth of knowledge to the freelance writing industry. Thankful to have you as a resource!

  5. rebecca vant

    Having been in outside sales for many years, prospecting is always a numbers game, whether you are selling a product or your own services. You will need to put your ‘line’ out there several times usually before you get a nibble, much less a bite. You never know where your next client or ‘sale’ will come from. Often it is where everyone else says NOT to look! Great advice for new writers or anyone looking to build their book of business.

  6. Deb Aponte

    Thanks, Kathleen, for encouraging and inspiring me to both get out of my comfort zone and get into it at the same time!


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