Who Hires Freelance Writers?

I get these questions a lot. “Who are your clients?” “Who hires freelance writers?”

Many people realize that magazine articles are usually written by freelance writers, such as my articles for Her Voice and HerLife magazines, but beyond that, they’re clueless about this business I’m in. So, I decided I’d share some information on the other types of clients I have and the kind of work I do for them.

Types of Clients
I have many different types of clients. I’ve done writing projects for individuals, small businesses, and large businesses. Many of my clients are marketing firms or website design firms. I’ve written for clients located in Canada, Israel, Australia, the U.K. and all over the U.S.

I’ve written for painting companies, granite countertop fabricators, lawyers, insurance firms, landscape firms, construction contractors, plumbers, nanny agencies, storage facilities, motivational speakers, Christian ministries, cabinet makers, entrepreneurial websites, CPA’s, travel related industries, weapon related industries and others.

Types of Writing Projects
So, what do I write for these clients? Projects for individuals can vary from a letter, a speech, a sermon, to a variety of other types of small personal projects. For businesses and marketing firms my writing assignments have ranged from press releases – to webpage content – to blog articles -to whitepapers – to greeting card verses – to informational articles – to facebook and twitter posts.

Why Hire a Freelancer
There are actually a couple of different reasons that these clients are hiring freelancers. Marketing firms hire freelancers rather than hiring full time marketing writers because of the flexibility that comes with using freelancers. A marketing company’s writing needs can fluctuate up and down depending upon their project needs at any given time. By using freelancers, they can always have enough writers to meet their peak demand times without having to lay anyone off when writing demands are lower.

They also can look for writers who specialize in different types of writing and different market areas. I get hired to write for a lot of construction trade businesses because of my many years of experience in that industry. It assures my clients that my content will come across more knowledgeable than someone who is simply researching the subject without any personal experience.

Other Types of Freelancers
Not all freelance writers write the same types of things that I do. There are writers who prefer more journalistic writing and love to write news related articles. There are others who specialize in writing grant applications for nonprofits and others that prefer technical writing such as manuals or specifications. There’s work out there for all types.

Well, that’s what I do and who I work for. And why do they hire me in particular? I guess I’m good at grasping what it is my clients are wanting to communicate and know how to write it in a way that is very understandable and interesting to the average person. I always approach my business writing from the point of view of the customer; what would I, as a customer, want or need to know about this particular business or topic. Then I try to write it in a way that will catch the readers attention and make it an enjoyable, as well as informative, read.

If you want to see a list of projects I’ve done and what my customers have to say about my performance, you read all that on my profiles on Guru and Elance, the two primary freelance sites I use to connect with my clients.

Thinking about getting into freelance writing? Give it a shot!

I love what I do!

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  1. FranticMommy

    Great post Kathleen! I have done work for mostly US and Canadian clients but hope to brand out into international as well. I’ve written for mobile app companies, and childrens books publishers. I LOVE the diversity. Write on!


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