Who Is Kathleen?

Bookkeeper turned writer and poet, mixing business with the crafting of words.Kathleen Krueger

In the spring of 2010 (one year after I began dabbling with creative writing) I asked the question:

Would it be possible for me to earn a full-time living through freelance writing? Could I meet that goal in a year?

Maybe… people told me.  If you worked real hard…. if you’re really good…if you’re really lucky.

So…I gave it shot. 10 months later, February of 2011, I gave my notice at my bookkeeping job. To pursue my dream?  No!! To live it!

I already had enough steady writing clients to replace my paycheck.

Did I work really hard?  Umm? Maybe, but I thought it was a lot of fun.

The Clone Yourself Business Model for Freelancers

Within 6 months after quitting my job, I ran into a problem. I was having to work MORE than I wanted to  some months. And who’s going to turn away clients in your first year of freelancing, right? I needed another “me” to help meet the demand during the months of overload, so I could keep my clients without working myself to death. My business growth model wasn’t planned; it happened organically. I hired another writer to help with my excess work. I had my first “clone.” Now, the majority of the writing done through my business is done by other writers. They’re happy for the work, and I only write in a special niche, leaving more time for things like travel and grandkids.

I love my life!

I love hanging out at home and not having to leave for days if I don’t want to.

I love being able to arrange my schedule so I can spend time with my grandkids.

I love all the people I’ve met and work with.

And, I especially love helping other people learn how to achieve the freedom and flexibility of living the freelance life.

So, that’s what this website is about – helping others find the freedom and fulfillment I have in my life.

It’s just me, the Crafter of Words, spilling out my thoughts and sharing what I’ve learned about starting from scratch and selling your skills and knowledge to pay the bills. Hopefully, it will help you  too.

(PS I can’t tell you how to get rich, ’cause I’m not rich. You’ll have to go somewhere else if that’s what you’re looking for. I’m just your average middle-class wife and grandmother making a living and helping others to do the same.)