I tell people I’m a ‘word person’. I have a great respect for the power and beauty of words. You can create pictures in peoples minds with words that are hard to replicate even with todays high tech visual affects. But just like any art form there are different mediums available for the art of words. There is this written medium, which in itself has vast arrays of expression, and then there is the verbal form. I’m amazed at those who are able to communicate strong feelings and pictures through the written form. I think it takes more skill and patience than the verbal. You don’t have the auditory aides of tone, inflection or pause. And if your audience is in front of you, you can add visual expression to enhance the words, as well as read and react to their responses. I think it’s seeing the response that I enjoy about sharing my words in a public verbal setting. Of course, if there is NO response, or a negative response, like looking at their watch every 5 minutes, that’s the pits. And definitely the potential downside of this form of ‘word art’. All I need is one though. One person who’s listening, intrigued, pondering, smiling… I guess that shows me the ‘easy’ side of the written form. You often don’t hear or see the negative response to something you write, occasionally but not as often. You can also go back and edit when you make a mistake, or leave something out. Not quite as risky as the verbal art form. Both take some work and preparation. Both require artful ‘logos’ -expression.

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