Writing Meta Descriptions

As I was looking through my Evernote file of writing tips and resources, I came across one that I’ve used often enough that I have the info almost memorized. If I’ve used it that often, then it makes sense you could use it too. It relates to writing meta descriptions.

I get asked to include these often enough with blog articles or website pages I write for different clients. It really should be a reference you have handy for when someone asks.

What is a meta description? The link I’m including in this post will explain it in more detail, but basically, it is the little blurb that shows up on a search results page that allows a brief peek into what the page listed may be about.

Here is the meta description for the home page of this website:

Kathleen Krueger | LIVING the freelance writing life …

Kathleen Krueger. LIVING the freelance writing life – LISTENING for the … Email Mentoring · Who Is Kathleen? Classes/Speaking/Books · Writing Services · I’d ..

When these meta descriptions are written properly it can make a big difference on whether someone chooses to click on a link or not.

Here’s the resource I use to make sure I write my meta descriptions according to best practices for search engine listings.


It’ll tell you everything you need to know. Bookmark it or clip it into your Evernote. Have it ready when you need it.

How often are you asked to include meta descriptions with blog posts or website copy you write?

Would love to hear your comments