Writing on the Road

This is my view today. Where am I? I’m sitting in the Tulsa, OK Expo Center. There are lots of people roaming between rows upon rows of tables. There are men and women, babies in strollers and older adults riding in skooters.

We came early so that we could get a parking spot close to the building. My husband has spent the last two days browsing among the tables already, but today is my first day here. My interest in items here a bit more limited than his. You see, the event we are attending (my third visit and his fifth) is the Tulsa Gun Show.

There are lots of… guns, of course, but there a few other things that might surprise you. Here’s a picture of my first purchase from this morning. A red coral necklace with matching earrings. They go with my red purse and a the sales lady said the backdrop of my black shirt really made the color ‘pop’. Besides it was a really good deal for the set.

There’s usually two or three jewelry vendors setup at this gun show, so I wandered around and took a peek at the wares being sold at the other locations. I found another nice matching set made from turquoise and opal, so I pulled out my credit card and added another score to my canvas bag.

To avoid feeding my boredom with further spending, I found myself a fairly quiet spot among the many feeding spots located around the Expo Center and pulled out my friend, Mac. Might as well get some writing done while I’m here and finding that I also had access to free wifi was an extra bonus.

I’ve been working away for a few hours now. I sent one project off for review from my interview source, emailed another project in to the client and then emailed another source for quotes for the next magazine article I have on the agenda. With all the emails done, I began working on my painting blog posts. I’ve got two of those done, only four more to go this week.

Mac’s battery was starting to run a little low, so I’ve now relocated to a folding chair near an outlet on the wall. Mac is gulping down the electrical energy and preparing himself for drive time tomorrow, when we’ll likely need his battery power once again.

In case you were wondering, no, my husband has not officially retired yet, but it seems that the number of days that he actually intends to report into work during this last month of employment keeps getting less and less, and his willingness to use up his accumulated vacation time, instead of cashing it all in at retirement, is increasing.

That’s fine with me. I’ve encouraged him to do so.

Well, time to hit the road again. Say, goodbye, Mac.

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