You have to slow down to hear the Heart Beat

The subtitle on my website says:

Living the Freelance Writing Life – Listening for the Heart Beat of God

This morning, for the first time in a long time, I took time away from “Living the Freelance Writing Life” to be still and listen for that heart beat.

When I did that, all of sudden inspiration came for writing something personal and meaningful. Another ‘something’ I hadn’t done much of lately.

It felt good.

It felt satisfying.

It took time away from my ‘work day.’

In spite of that, I did still manage to get an awful lot done today. And now, with my work for the day not yet completed, I am posting what is only my second blog on this site for 2015.

But it is okay.

I will get the work done – on time.

More importantly, I think I can hear that heart beat again.

Faintly, but it is there, beating in sync with my own.


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